CLUB TALK 2014/15 season

May 2015

Sorry for the lack of update on the site but we have been very busy in other ways, we now also have a Twitter page for the club.  The same rules apply as for Facebook also we have had another good season so far, we went to Skewen to take on the teams from west and came away with the over 16 Premiership title.  Skewen has become a good venue for us as we have won there twice in three years, we have had a mixed bag of results at festivals but we seem to be playing better when there is a bigger pitch. we now only have one festival left and that is at RCT on June the 28th the same day as our presentation. so to the tournament in the morning then back for the presentation at 3pm at Barry Rugby club.  We are currently looking at the Welsh Super Cup in July but more about that later on, the summer training will go ahead and we are just finalising the details of the location at the moment.

The biggest news so far this season is that we are now going to merge with Barry Town United from the start of next season, we will become part of the Barry Town banner and will be proud to be part of a famous local club. More details to follow once we have finalised them with Barry and the Welsh FA.

The annual AGM is fast approaching and is on Tuesday 16th July 2015 at 7pm, we would love to see as many people there as possible as it will be lots to discuss because of the affiliation with Barry town Utd.

Another piece of news is that we have been nominated for an award by Simon Jones, we have been in touch with the organisers and will let you know more when we do.

Tickets will be on sale for the presentation day in June at £3.50 the same as last season and will include a buffet


With the first game of the season cancelled we have now managed two festivals so we can now say the season has started.  The teams have been doing well in the festival but there is still room for improvement from all the teams.  The under 16 team has really progressed at festivals by winning against teams who were beating them last year, the team has also grown in size as well with three new members joining since last year.  The over 16 are doing well but just falling down in their finishing by going for power instead of position, this team has also grown with a few new members joining the club and a couple more coming in the next few weeks.

There is a new Chairperson for the club, you will all know him as the lead coach Neil and he has taken over form Pat who wanted to concentrate on the welfare side of the club, the committee are currently looking into trying to arrange different games for weekends and as soon as we have some news we will let you all know the full details.

Please beware that there will be a lot of festivals this year that we have to travel to especially at after our own Festival in January, this is because a lot of the clubs want to run there own festival at their own ground something that we intend to do next season.  For more details please see the calendar page for venue location and the start and finish times.

We will keep you up to date on news with this page and vis the Facebook page as well 

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